Wednesday, 27 October 2010


...Temper Trap

Last night I went to an experimental drawing class at mac. I went armed with my pencils and sketchbook, not really sure what to expect, but to my delight ended up with a pallet containing brown furniture polish, coffee, vegetable oil, black ink and mud. Everyone was also given a big piece of paper and a photocopied image of a landscape - i picked a nice mountainy one - and for two hours had a go at creating a piece using experimental materials.

This was my result - in true me fashion, my final larger attempt only got as far as the mountains after taking too long on the tester, so I decided to bring it home and try it myself with various materials in my cupboards. Need to find something which I'll be able to use to do the water a bit better - clearly coffee wasn't my thing.

- oh that also just gave me a thought about substituting water colours for tea. Fab :) Now, what can I char in substitute for charcoal...

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