Monday, 19 July 2010

Dreaming of Another World

...Mystery Jets.

Oh geeeeez. Would like to say Ive been so busy living my life to write about it, but whilst partly true, it's more that I've spent the past 3 weeks stuck behind the Great firewall of China. (I say stuck, it was my own free will)
No longer staring hopelessly into a bleak, meaningless life in Blackpool, I now have some loose form of structure to my life. And it's rather adult looking.

1. After spending a few weeks at Meshed Media, I was offered a job. Which obvs I took. I start in 2 weeks!
2. I went to China, joined a class of MA, PHD students, lecturers and professors for the CUC Joint Summer School in Beijing - a bit scary but a bit exciting too
3. Returned to find my results waiting for me. I am the proud owner of a First Class Honors Degree... Oh yeeah. Also pleased to find I am in good company, my friends are clever little peas :)

So am now lay on my bed in Blackpool, as it is the only section of my room not taken up with bin bags and boxes. Separating the junk from the important stuff is such an unappealing task. The question of where all this stuff is heading is still looking a bit hazy, as I have two weeks to find a place to live in Birmingham... Shit?! Homelessness is a definite possibility, but somehow the urgency has yet to set in and I seem to be feeling a bit too relaxed about the prospect.

Anyway, I expect you - the only reader of this blog- is DYING to see my photies from China. Well you're going to have to wait until laptop senior has been located so I can make them look presentable. So for now, here's a picture of me in rain at the Summer Palace.

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