Tuesday, 15 June 2010

So This Is Goodbye

...William Fitzsimmons

Pulling tops, jumpers & dresses of their hangers, I remember them all. I remember when I bought them, all the places I thought I'd go to wear them, who I'd impress, the boys, the friends, the occasions. They all had a purpose. I'd convinced myself they'd all have their day and there was a place for them in my wardrobe.

And now they feel wasted, I'm throwing them into bin liners ready to go home, each one that's pulled out comes with a memory of old friends and places I'll never visit again. Some of these have made it through the packing up process so many times, I remember packing them 3 years ago, thinking about everything that I was leaving behind. Now it's the thought of returning, knowing that everything I left behind then has gone that's giving me an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach.
I'm wondering when I'll wear half of these dresses again. I literally can no longer picture an occasion for a short sequined dress. When on earth am I going to a dance night again in the near future? Long summer dresses that are too hot for summer, to bright for winter, with a memo attached telling myself to shorten them.

I've already filled 2 and a half bin liners and my wardrobe still looks full.

My hope is that these clothes won't make it out of the bin liners before they are out of Blackpool again. Let the job and flat search begin.

[ - At this point I would like to remind all that many of these garments were well under £10. I may be extravagant in quantity, but not in expense.]

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