Saturday, 23 January 2010

Costume Party

...Two Door Cinema Club

Who'd have thought the red squirrel, bat, panda, peacock, seal, tiger, cat, leopard, elephant and chicken would get along so great?
(me being the red squirrel. burnt browny face paint... not a particularly flattering colour though I must admit)

Staying in bed for half the day definitely seems to be the way forward for avoiding any sort of hangover :)
And now I am just a teeny bit bored, having finished all my assignments and had my one, LAST EVER exam. Now all that's left is the dissertation and production project (currently in the process of thinking up names for our PR company. As we have been for the past four months), leaving me with alott of free time, which I will no doubt manage poorly. Going to start some sort of list of weekly aims.

This week:
- Give blood
- Finish every bit of my lit. review
- Finish every bit of my methodology
- Start work on Lookbook ethnography
- Bake some sort of cake/ muffins/ brownie
- Adjust all the clothes that are too big/ falling apart that I keep putting off
- Hover house
- Get back to making new website... Maybs even buy web space
- Sort out council tax (! eek this is a must before they take us to court!)

Hmmm. That's all I can think of. I blame the uninspiring weather.

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