Friday, 15 April 2011

I'm Sleeping in a Submarine

...Arcade Fire

I may be a bit late here, but hey, why break a life long tradition. Submarine may well have stopped showing in cinemas, as it only had a limited release, but if you get chance I'd say give it a watch. I liked it a lot. Particularly the sparklers.

Also - since I've been rather slacking with my blogging, I missed mentioning a lot of other films that I saw around the beginning of the year which were also rather great. So yeah, if you like good stuff (defined by the same as what I like) Alex also recommends;

Blue Valentine - yeah, it's kinda depressing, but it depends who you're empathising with. I watched it with the view that, yeah she [Michelle Williams' character] is right and justified. When I'd finished debating this with Sherree (who thought she was a bitch), I had a realisation that he [Ryan Gosling's character] may have unknowingly slipped into this situation, which can also easily be done. I hope I do not also slip into that accidental comfort. (This will make sense once watched)

The Kings Speech - it was genuinely a good film. Aside from which, I particularly liked the composition of the shots in the speech therapist's room. Yes, this was one of my actual thoughts while watching it - can't shake off those film analysis classes just yet!

127 Hours - I saw two grown men who were sat separately in the theatre turn away as he attacks his arm. I saw this because I was also half watching through my fingers. But that was really the only gorey part, the sunny setting, little stories and funky soundtrack made it much more bright and enjoyable than I was expecting. (I hadn't watched any trailers)

True Grit - MATT DAMON. It's cool, he can carry off the southern accent.

The Fighter - I just like Mark Wahlberg okay? I think he's good. His character was a bit quieter than his usual, which is fine, I particularly liked all the white trash talk from the female family members.

The end. Can you tell I don't read many film reviews?

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