Sunday, 16 May 2010

Knock you out

...Tiesto feat. Emily Haines

I'm on a Twitter detox, so short posts...

1. I know I'm sat inside all the time, and my house is cold, and atm the curtains closed, but... WHERE THE FUCK IS SUMMER?

2. For this reason I resisted the gorgeous cord shorts in favor of a flannel checked shirt. Finally making the most of the Jack Wills outlet.

3. I cant wait for my trip to St. Andrews. But not the mammoth journey. Which I saved just under £80 on, score!

4. Spotify ads are getting so much more annoying. But I think I have acquired a public profile so people can nosey at my badly compiled playlists;

5. Dissertation is IN. You'd think I'd be glad, but I would switch it for this production project anyday. I shall post a better post about my dissertation later in the week.



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